One of the most interesting and practical preaching books I’ve seen in some time is Refining Your Style: Learning from Respected Communicators (Group) by Dave Stone. Dave – who shares preaching responsibilities with Bob Russell at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville – has identified 13 different communication styles that characterize different preachers.

He cites the Creative Storyteller, Direct Spokesperson, Scholarly Analytic, Revolutionary Leader, Engaging Humorist, Convincing Apologist, Inspiring Orator, Practical Applicator, Persuasive Motivator, Passionate Teacher, Relevant Illustrator, Cultural Prophet, and Unorthodox Artist.

The strengths and weaknesses of each style are discussed, with some great insights for preachers who are exploring their own style. And Dave includes an interview with well-known preachers who represent each of the various styles. Some of the interviewees include Max Lucado, Bob Russell, Franklin Graham, Kirbyjon Caldwell, Erwin McManus, Rob Bell and several others. Preachers will greatly enjoy some of the terrific insights and observations that emerge from these interviews.

The book includes a CD that allows you to listen in on samples of almost all of the communication styles discussed. Refining Your Style is a fascinating and enjoyable read that will be helpful to any pastor seeking to better communicate in today’s culture.
Michael Duduit

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