The March-April issue of Preaching features our annual survey of the past year’s best books for preachers, including our annual Book of the Year recognition. This year that honor goes to On Preaching by HB Charles, published by Moody Press. Here, in part, is why it is being honored:

Unlike some of the other books highlighted below, this one is written by a pastor rather than a professor and reflects the concerns and issues the local church pastor faces who preaches to a single congregation week by week.

Although still a relatively young minister, Charles writes from many years of experience as a preacher and pastor. Those who have heard him recognize the unique gifts he has as a proclaimer of God’s Word, but he is also a serious student of preaching and writes regularly on the subject at his website. On Preaching is a collection and adaptation of many of the articles originally written for that website.

Subtitled Personal & Pastoral Insights for the Preparation & Practice of Preaching, the 156-page book contains an assortment of brief chapters dealing with the nuts and bolts of preaching, from prayer and planning to illustrations and outlines. The newer preacher will find a great deal of help in the practical counsel, and the veteran will appreciate Charles’ insight on issues such as plagiarism, pastoral identity and ambition.

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