One of the major
issues in the business and political worlds today is the subject of ethics.
In an age where Enron and WorldCom have become synonyms for dishonesty and greed,
there is an increasing awareness that we must expect more from our leaders.
And nowhere is that more true than in the church.

his book Nobody’s Perfect, But You Have to Be, Dean Shriver addresses
this vital issue for ministers. Subtitled “The Power of Personal Integrity
in Effective Preaching,” this slim volume (144 pages) offers an important
reminder about the critical importance of the preacher’s own integrity. In an
age when many church leaders have been sidelined over ethical and moral issues,
this is a timely book.

Shriver – a Baptist
pastor in Utah – deals with issues like humility, purity of life and mind, temperance
and more. He writes with a pastor’s heart, offering practical insights and a
healthy challenge to every minister. This is an important book for pastors to
read and apply in their own lives.

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