One of the challenges facing the church today is the increasing awareness of moral and ethical lapses on the part of pastors and church leaders. The well-publicized scandal of sexual misconduct on the part of some Roman Catholic priests appears to be only the tip of the iceberg; more and more evangelical ministers have also been caught up in moral failures, including a large percentage that admit to occasional or regular viewing of internet pornography. Thus the need for a book like Ministerial Ethics: Moral Formation For Church Leaders (Baker Books) by Joe E. Trull and James E. Carter. Designed for use as a textbook, it will nevertheless by valuable reading for ministers as they revisit the varied ethical questions faced by church leaders today. As Trull and Carter observe, “Today’s ministers walk an ethical tightrope. At one moment they may serve as prophets, priests, or educators; in the next, they may be administrators, counselors, or worship leaders. Each of these roles raises ethical dilemmas and exposes moral vulnerability not faced by doctors, lawyers, or other professionals.” This book is a helpful guide for church leaders who walk that tightrope every day.

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