Using multiple learning approaches, Greg Ogden and Daniel Meyer help leaders further develop their gifts in Leadership Essentials (InterVarsity). Dealing with topics like character, vision, and specific challenges faced by leaders, this resource would be particularly valuable for staff training, though it can also be used individually.
This volume is for those who’ve shied away from leadership opportunities because they didn’t know what would be involved or due to lack of security in their own abilities — whether in the family, business, or church. Focusing on Christ’s priorities, not the world’s, this is a source that encourages the reader to know their skills are needed.
However, preparation is essential, and this interactive guide provides tools that will help individuals lead from their own gifts and experience. 
The four sections of this workbook will help one develop character, vision, and skills by participating in the following elements of each chapter: a memory verse, a Bible study, a reading, and a leadership exercise. This design allows one not only to gain head knowledge, but also for character formation and awareness of abilities that will prepare one for the challenges and choices of leadership.
Leadership Essetials is designed to work well individually, with a partner, or with a group.

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