With identity theft a growing problem, pastor Mike Breaux takes a creative turn with the topic in the book Identity Theft (Zondervan), discussing how we can reclaim the authentic person God created you to be. This volume probably grew out of a sermon series (as do so many great books!), and offers some great ideas to other pastors for developing their own series on the topic.
Most people are aware of the damage identity theft can have on a life, but theres a type that goes far deeper than our financial records, impoverishing our souls and keeping us from experiencing the richness in life God intends for us.
The author exposes four identity thieves that rob us of our sense of who God designed us to be, thereby rendering our lives only pale versions of what could have been.
However, we can have hope that regardless of how they were stolen, our identities are retrievable so that we can live freely, purposefully, and joyously out of a renewed knowledge of who we truly are.

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