All too many pastors and church leaders find themselves the victims of conflict in the church. In Handbook for Battered Leaders (IVP), Janis and Wesley Balda draw on the teaching of 2 Corinthians 1 to analyze what contributes to conflict and offer counsel that will help leaders survive and overcome such issues. Both authors are experienced teachers in the area of management, and they offer helpful insights for any church leader.

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Janis Bragan Balda and Wesley D. Balda, 2013, 223 pp., $13.16

Sometimes it’s a question of what’s new in leadership and administration. For now, the answer is The Handbook for Battered Leaders. Janis Balda is a professor of management at Fuller Seminary and her husband, Wesley, is the president of the Simeon Institute. This book grew out of a teaching experience they had in Brazil. Together they are experts of the subject of values-based organizational leadership.

Paul’s involvement with the church in Corinth is used as a case study, so knowing the historical context of 2 Corinthians is helpful. Most of the Scripture references are from that book.

The authors’ definition of leadership stresses the importance of relationships and community. Max DePree often is quoted, along with Peter Drucker, Eugene Peterson and Max Weber. Max DePree also emphasized listening as a leadership principle in his book Leadership Jazz.

The leadership principles given are applicable for those in business or full-time ministry.

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