The catchy title of this book, Habitudes, synthesizes habits, attitudes and behavior. It is a relatively short book (less than 100 pages), and one in a series on the topic of habitudes. Elmore creatively offers 13 images that help the reader embrace habits and attitudes that strengthen leadership. Most of these habitudes are developed and tested during the “junctions in the journey”, the change points of leadership. As Elmore suggests, it requires “grit” (perseverance and passion for long term goals) to develop habitudes during these change points. Some of the images used by Elmore include windshields and rearview mirrors, compass and GPS, travel agents and tour guides, and destination vs. the trip. The book is saturated with engaging illustrations and anecdotes. Each of the chapters includes “Talk It Over” questions for reflection, “Assess Yourself” for personal evaluation, and “Try It Out” for practical implementation. This book would serve as a wonderful exercise to work through as a leadership team. Although the topics are universal and the potential audience is broad, the book seems best suited for young leadership. Chapter 9 includes a helpful distinction between contentment and dissatisfaction. Leaders need to understand the importance of each and balancing them well. The highlight of the book for me was chapter 8, in which Elmore describes seven toxic friendships that need to end. Any leader who struggles with approval-addiction and pleasing everyone needs to read that chapter.

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