In his new biography George Whitefield: America’s Spiritual Founding Father (Yale University Press), Thomas Kidd presents a new biography of Whitefield for our times. Kidd, professor of History at Baylor University, has combined the two greatest strengths of previous biographies of Whitefield—a keen understanding of history in terms of the academic discipline and a genuine respect for George Whitefield. In his article on the past year’s best books for preachers, R. Albert Mohler writes: “Kidd provides an excellent example of respectful, believing history in a work that will be greatly respected by secular academics and by Christians who look to George Whitefield with undiluted affection. Previous biographers have tended to address themselves to one of these constituencies at the expense of the other. Kidd has actually accomplished what many would have believed to be unlikely—a biography that will be respected by the academy and embraced by believers.”

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