Craig Groeschel
Zondervan, 2013, 160pp., $13.07

The 21st century culture is trying to squeeze men into a feminine mold. Culture is robbing men of reflecting the image of our warrior God. Where have the men gone? Craig Groeschel, in his book Fight: Winning the Battles that Matter Most is greatly burdened that the men of the church are being feminized by culture. He is calling all men of God to remember we were created with warriors’ hearts, and we must fight for what is right.

Groeschel addresses the lackluster performance of men in today’s church through five major sections, which are comprised of extremely short chapters. He opens each chapter with a personal illustration to help clarify each lesson on manhood. Throughout the book, he uses the story of Samson to explain the warrior heart of a man, as well as common pitfalls. Groeschel reminds men that Christianity is a battle ground, and we must actively fight.

It’s about time someone addressed the neglected topic of absent warrior men in the church, and Groeschel does it with simplicity and practicality. The content of this book is not profound, but Groeschel presents it in a fresh and motivating way. This would be a great resource to train middle school, high school or college boys on how to become men of God. It easily can be adapted to be used as sermons or in small group settings.

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