Stone, Charles. Brain Savvy Leaders. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2015.
There has been a recent increase of brain research. Although that research has provided an overwhelming amount of discrete data, few books have successfully integrated that data into a particular field. Brain Savvy Leaders is one such book in which Charles Stone has distilled the complex and relevant brain research that applies to leadership. Understanding how our brain works and how we (and those we lead) think will help us become better leaders.

A book like this one could quickly become a mind-numbing scientific analysis of the brain. However, the book reads a bit like The Leadership Brain: For Dummies (that book actually exists!) and includes lots of pictures for the more visual-reader. Stone also engages the emotions of the reader in chapter two when he shares the very personal journey his daughter experienced when she struggled with a brain tumor.

In addition to the neurological research and application, Stone (who has advanced degrees in neuroscience, engineering and Christian ministry) accurately and skillfully weaves brain research with scripture. There are four core leadership domains into which the author places the brain research (Emotional Regulation, Personal Productivity, Team Collaboration and Change Management).

At the close of each chapter, the author includes brain factoids. Here are some of the "Brain Surprises" (supported by neurological research) Stone includes at the close of his chapters.
• Gratefulness is actually good for brain and body health.
• A consistent devotional life just might help you live longer!
• If you feel drowsy, chewing gum may make you more alert.
• Botox treatments to your face can slow comprehension and might affect your emotional smarts.
• Boredom can shrink your brain.
• If you put a pencil sideways in your mouth and pull your lips back, your brain will make you feel happier (I KNOW some of you are already trying this one!).
• If you're feeling down, go pet a dog. Your brain just might make you feel better.
• If you need a boost of motivation, simply thinking about chocolate might help. (Yeah…I'm actually going to eat some).
• Simply changing your posture could brighten your day.

So, sit up straight, think about chocolate, and put a pencil in your mouth…Your brain will thank you.

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