From Narrative to Homily
Ken Kinton
Pleasant Word, 2010, 91 pp., $13.99

Narratives make up a substantial part of the biblical canon, and they are among the texts with which many preachers struggle. Yet narrative is a genre which offers enormous preaching potential for connecting with listeners in today’s culture.

In his book From Narrative to Homily, pastor Ken Kinton explores biblical narratives as political, social and religious commentaries on the issues of their times. He talks about the nature of various forms of narrative in terms of their ancient cultural and literary contexts, then offers insights on approaching these texts for preaching and teaching.

Kinton deals with various types of biblical narrative, including parables, saga, prophetic narratives and more. He talks about Pauline literature, apocalyptic, wisdom literature and more. In a brief book, he covers an array of texts that offer promising homiletical opportunities.

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