Tony Campolo, Following Jesus Without Embarrassing God, Dallas: Word, 1997, ISBN 0-8499-4608-0
In his inimitable style, Tony Campolo has done it again. In Following Jesus without Embarrassing God, he attempts to lead his readers to think through several issues with a renewed, Christian mind. He covers broad themes from everyday life, spiritual growth, intellectual development, social action and family life.
While never shirking from calling Christians to a lifestyle of radical discipleship, he attempts to frame issues which one must consider in order to live a balanced life. While calling Christians to a radical lifestyle, he helps believers understand how to think through the difficult issues of faith in such a way that a vital Christian witness is maintained.
The value of Campolo’s book for preachers is in the possible sermons series that it might suggest. His thoughts would provide much fodder for possible sermon series such “Loving God with Your Mind,” “Family Life in the New Millenium,” or “How to be Salt and Light in the 90’s.” Campolo’s work grows out of his professorial work at Eastern College in St. David’s, Pennsylvania and this book may also be used to help college students shape a genuinely Christian world view. I commend it to you.
William L. Turner, Anytime, Anywhere: Sharing Faith Jesus Style. Valley Forge, PA: Judson Press, 1997, ISBN 0-8170-1260-5
William Turner, Pastor of South Main Baptist Church in Houston, TX is a frequent contributor to Preaching and Preaching On-Line. His sermon series on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has generated a very favorable response from our readers.
In Anytime, Anywhere, Turner refuses to bludgeon his readers or to become guilt manipulative in encouraging a more evangelistic lifestyle. He uses the example of Jesus to speak to his readers about developing a natural lifestyle for sharing one’s faith.
He shows Jesus’ methods for sharing faith with outcasts — both down-and-outers and up-and-outers — as well as with His own family. He models and encourages evangelism as a joyful and natural part of one’s life. Preachers will benefit from this volume.
Rick Ezell, Ministry on the Cutting Edge, Grand Rapids: Kregel, 1995. ISBN 0-8254-2526-3
As the publication date would indicate, Ezell’s book is not a new release. The Church Growth Institute of Lynchburg, VA as combined this book, however, with a work book and tape series picking up the themes that Ezell discusses in Ministry on the Cutting Edge.
Ezell writes to address a perceived need in Church Growth literature — the personal growth of the pastor himself. He helps us to wrestle with the question, “How can my church grow if I’m not growing?”

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