Bill Moyers: Faith & Reason Collection
3 programs on 6 CDs
Athena Publishing, 2013, 

Anyone who has enjoyed Bill Moyers’ brand of faith and intellectualism will appreciate this box set of PBS programming. The series spans the interviewer’s career and offers three fascinating explorations (in 12 and a half hours no less) of Faith & Reason, featuring interviews with noted authors and philosophers, The Wisdom of Faith, an exploration of world religions, and Amazing Grace, a simple but elegant history of the tune and its impact.

How to use the set? Small groups and Bible studies may find these CDs stimulating and compelling, and pastors may discover some pertinent insights that can inform a sermon on world religions or the concept of grace.

One doesn’t have to venture too far into the Amazing Grace CD, for example, to find a succinct history of the hymn and John Newton’s life as a slave trader-turned-Anglican priest. Further into the mix there are moving segments demonstrating how the song has touched the lives of individuals from all walks of life. In essence, Amazing Grace is amazing in its breadth and depth of spirit; and watching the CD, you will find yourself humming the tune or giving thanks for God’s grace.

There are enough hours in this CD set to keep even the most motivated reviewer watching for hours—and I did watch—but there’s enough to be learned from this set that multiple viewings may be required. Each CD is dense and packed full of wisdom and insight.

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