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We invite you to join us in ministering and growing our resources. Submit sermons or articles on any of the topics listed below. We also need exegetical Bible studies (long or short) on any book, chapter or verse of the Bible.

Simply submit your sermon or other type of article in accordance with our writing guidelines. We will be updating the following list regularly depending on response so check back here often. You may also want to consider our “Writers Link” weekly newsletter we send just to interested writers. Have a suggestion? Let us know.

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Content Topics:
1. The concept of Bible prophecy and several examples from Scripture.
2. The history of Bible translations and purpose—potentially some examples of the philosophy/theology behind some of the translations.
3. Women of the Bible and their effect on Christianity—extra value would be having a list of key women included with minor bios.
4. Tips or organizational information on developing and/or managing church staff.
5. Tips and concepts about how to grow churches or historically how churches have grown due to specific factors such as political, spiritual and/or sociological.
6. Important considerations about how to manage church facilities/buildings.
7. Qualities important for church leaders to attain or pursue. Another approach to this may be to assist leadership in selecting proper qualities when hiring potential persons for available positions.
8. Tips and suggestions for conducting and planning mission trips. Another approach could be to dialog around some of the most popularly served missionary areas or the areas in most need for more missionary support.
9. Tips and suggestions about how to prepare a sermon—potentially a checklist or a structured list that may save a pastor time and help stay on track when preparing a sermon.
10. Sermons for events around New Years Day or prepared to help people renew their lives and faith around the holiday season with a vision for the coming year.

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