In an article at, Chuck Fuller writes: Norreasha Gill was elated to win the “100 Grand” contest sponsored by WLTO radio in Lexington, Kentucky. She won by listening for hours and being the 10th caller at the right time. The disc jockey congratulated her and said she could pick up her prize at the station the next morning. News spread. Friends gathered to celebrate. Before putting her three young children to bed, she promised them a minivan, a house and a savings account. Excitement kept her awake all night.

In the morning, she rushed to the radio station, but was instructed to return later. When she arrived home, there was a message on her answering machine explaining that she had won a Nestle’s 100 Grand candy bar, not $100,000. It was a cruel joke.

Things do not always turn out as we expect, and such is the case with Jesus’ birth. The first chapter of Luke functions as a forecast, telling us something is about to happen. An angel visits Zacharias, announcing Elizabeth will bear a son who will prepare the way. Gabriel visits Mary, saying she will bear a son by the Holy Spirit, and He will be the Son of the Most High.

Mary responds with a song of praise. Zacharias sings about the horn of the salvation raised up from the house of David and lineage of Abraham. Something is about happen. In the Luke 2, it happens, but not the way we expect. (Click here to read the full article.)

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