We are human. In tough times, most of us are amd do not understand why we are going through things that are not good. We complain and murmur. We weep and mourn. If you are going through these things, you are not alone. We all have seasons of doubt, but these are seasons and will not last forever.

God is a good God. In good times, He is a good God, and in tough times He remains good. His nature never changes. It is the devil who steals, kills and destroys, not God; but too often we blame God for the injustice and bad things that happen.

Psalm 69:4 says, “I restored that I took not away.” It was the devil who looted us, not God. God says He will restore what has been stolen from us. God says He will restore health (Jer. 30:17), years that have been wasted (Joel 2:25) and comfort (Isa. 57:18).

The devil brought all the misery to Job, not God. God restored double to Job in the end. Everything he had (v. 1:3) doubled following his suffering (v. 42:12). Abraham lost his wife to the king, and the king stole from him his wife. God restored not only his wife to him but also gave property and silver. Abraham lost one wife, but he gained her back along with servants and silver (Gen. 20:14-16). In both cases, Abraham and Job were more wealthy after their suffering.

Psalm 66:12 says God caused men to ride over us. We went through fire and water, but God brought us out into a wealthy place. After the fire and water comes a wealthy place. He humbles us and will exalt us. It was not fair that Israel was oppressed by Egyptians for 400 years. They labored but were not paid. However, God is a just God. In a day, God transferred all the wealth of Egyptians to the Israelites (Exod. 12-35, 36). They were more than repaid.

God is a good God. He always will be good. If you belong to God and have lost anything (e.g.,  health, youth, time, money, peace of mind, relationships, loved ones or anything else that belonged to you that was stolen by any means) restitution must be made to you. You can claim it (Exod. 22:12). You can come to God and say to Him, “____ belongs to me, and I want it back," and God restore you.

When God restores, He does not give one for one but five oxen for one ox and four sheep for one sheep (Exod. 22:1). That is His nature. If you lost your health, claim five times more health, more wisdom and more prosperity. Whatever you lost, it will be given back to you with much more. Remember Joseph was able to say,” God has made me forget the afflictions of my youth.”

Abhishek Jha has lived in Nepal for 20 years and is a freelance writer. His desire is to share the wisdom he’s received from God all types of experiences—good and bad. He’s a recent graduate who loves writing and sharing the wonderful works of God.

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