Here is how Chuck Colson described the urgency of Christian worldview in 1998: “Christians and right-thinking citizens are looking for ways to understand what they see in the news, to make sense of cultural trends, and often, answer the questions their children bring home from school.

“Which is to say Christians are recognizing Christianity is a worldview—a way of seeing all of reality. It isn’t just salvation and a relationship with Jesus, vital though that is. It is a life system. God created the world and everything in it; therefore, everything finds its ultimate meaning in relationship to Him. Christianity gives us the framework to understand politics, science, economics, the arts, education and ethics; and that’s what we do on BreakPoint: articulate a Christian worldview.

“Too often…we treat our faith as just one more item on our to-do list. If Christianity is true, it’s the central framework for everything, the grid that overlays all of life.

“Why is it so important to have a Christian worldview? Because Christianity gives us a map to reality, an outline of the world the way it really is: God’s moral and physical order. If we want to make our way effectively through life, to live in accord with reality, we have to follow the map.

“A Christian worldview also helps us defend our faith, giving us the language to explain why Christian ethics is good for society, or why a biblical view of human nature is essential to sound public policy.

“Finally, a Christian worldview helps us evangelize, giving us the tools to analyze what is shaping the values of the culture so that we can get the secularists attention, and they can hear the gospel.” (from Breakpoint Commentary, 5-16-13)

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