From a Christian Post article: “The majority of Protestants and evangelicals believe good people and people of other religions can go to heaven, according to author David Campbell. Campbell, who co-wrote American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us, contends that surveys of 3,000 Americans, used to write the book, show that American people of faith, though devout, are very tolerant — so much so that most believers also believe good people, despite their religious affiliation, can go to heaven.

“Among the faiths, 83 percent of evangelical Protestants agreed that good people of other religions can go to heaven. Ninety percent of black Protestants also believe good people can go to heaven.

“When prodded further, more than half — 54 percent — of evangelical Protestants said yes, people of religions other than Christianity can go to heaven. Sixty-two percent of black Protestants agreed with the statement.

“Campbell explained at a discussion of his book that the numbers can be explained with the ‘Aunt Susan’ theory. Aunt Susan, he said, is the nice family member who is well-loved and is an all around do-gooder. ‘You know that if anyone is destined to go to heaven, it’s Aunt Susan,’ described Campbell.

“However, Aunt Susan is of another religion. Rather than condemn that person to a lost eternity, Campbell said, most American believers choose instead to believe that person is heaven-bound.” (Click here to read full article.)

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