It’s a common practice for people to choose to sacrifice something during the Lenten season. Stephen Smith of watches the hundreds of thousands of Lent-related tweets during the week of Ash Wednesday and records the most common items given up by people.

As you can imagine, the No. 1 item is chocolate, but here are some of the more interesting items to sacrifice, listed along with their sequence in the list:
4. School
11. Lent
17. You
25. Giving up things
27. Netflix
44. McDonald’s
54. Winter
61. Procrastination
73. Selfies
79. Breathing
87. Chik-fil-A
92. Sweet tea
94. Sarcasm
100. Hot Cheetos

Who knew Hot Cheetos were so popular? However, 46 people apparently tweeted they are giving them up during Lent.

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