Artie Davis recently wrote about some lessons churches can learn from Apple’s release of the iPhone 5. He observes: “We got to see the new iPhone 5 yesterday and hear about its new enhancements. As I saw and heard about the new version, several thoughts about how we could learn from Apple’s success in the church context.

1. Never stop improving.
We can never stop! Never stop evaluating, measuring and tweaking how we present the gospel to an ever-changing culture and context. It’s like the saying in the MMA, “Move or Die!”

2. When you change something, make it subtle, but powerful.
People are resistant to change. We know that; but we know things have got to change, so when we do, make the changes subtle, not overpowering, but powerful in effect.

3. Don’t add to many things at once, or they become underappreciated.
We can’t do a complete “Re-do” in a day…a week or maybe even a year. Add, subtract or improve on a few processes at a time. Allow those involved to see hear and taste it awhile. It will become a part of what they expect. Then make another addition.

4. Listen to those who champion your vision.
Just as Apple listens extensively to those who use and admire their products, we as church leaders must do the same. We need to understand those who are truly with us, and what are their concerns and apprehensions. What is making them hold back. Where is the push back? We will never satisfy the naysayers, so let’s make sure we understand those that are with us!

5. Capitalize on momentum.
This is Apples’ sweet spot. They create great anticipation and then make an incredible presentation, explaining all the benefits of its product.” (Click here to visit Artie’s excellent blog.)

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