HB Charles Jr. is an outstanding preacher and wise beyond his years. (He’s also one of our featured speakers at this year’s National Conference on Preaching.) In a recent post at his website, HB listed 103 truths he has learned during his 21 years of pastoral ministry. Among them:
• Sheep bite.
• Faithful preaching does not guarantee church growth.
• Just because there is a crowd does not mean there is a church.
• All church fights are bad. But some church fights are necessary.
• It happens after prayer.
• The most important people in a pastor’s life are those he can have an honest conversation with.
• Be careful of giving members multiple positions of authority in the church.
• Ministerial success cannot be determined by the size of a pastor’s congregation.
• Preaching can get you into trouble. And preaching can get you out of trouble.
• No one is indispensable.
• The better the worship is the better my preaching is.
• Pick your battles carefully. Every hill is not worth dying on.
• People will remember how you treat them long after they have forgotten your sermons.

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Michael Duduit

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