In the most recent issue of his Ministry Toolbox, Rick Warren shares 10 common barriers to church growth. A major one is tradition. Rick writes:

“Traditions actually are rooted in success. Something becomes a tradition because it works in the first place. Because it works, we repeat it over and over again.

“Unfortunately, the tradition then begins to drive us. There are two dangers with traditionalism. The first danger is when we make the methods sacred. The second danger is when we forget why we do things.

“The antidote: Become purpose-driven. Your purposes never will change; they are eternal. But your methodology will need to be ever-changing.

“I suggest you periodically review — at least once a year — all your programs, and then assign them to one of three options:
1. Reaffirm it — Yes, it’s still working.
2. Refine it — We need to tweak it so it will become more effective.
3. Replace it — You can’t use yesterday’s tool in today’s ministry to meet tomorrow’s challenge.”
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