In a sermon, David Jeremiah—a cancer survivor—presented a hypothetical case: “What if an oncologist examined a patient and said to him, ‘Your blood pressure is perfect and your cholesterol is at an acceptable level. Your skin is healthy and your reflexes are good. Have a good day.’

“Then suppose the patient left and the nurse turned to the physician and said, ‘but doctor, you didn’t tell him the tests show he has cancer,’ and the doctor replied, ‘Well, that is true, but I didn’t want to ruin his day.’

“Jeremiah believes that, in a similar fashion, too many preachers are painting life in the pastel hues of garden walks, spring flowers and lovely rainbows. They are not speaking of the grief, sorrow, heartache and separation caused by sin. Therefore, they are guilty of spiritual malpractice. (The Christian Index, 4-13-06)

Michael Duduit

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