When did you decide to go “solo?”
TobyMac says we’ve been talking about doing solo records for years.  I was probably the last to have a real desire… but when I got in the studio…I loved it.  Our solo records are part of a plan that we made together.  People tend to see it as separating and dividing…we see it as creative outlets and a chance to affirm each other’s gifts and express personal musical styles.

For those of us who haven’t been exposed to very much hip-hop music who are some of the artists you would recommend… secular or Christian.
TobyMac says Grits, LA Symphony, Wyclef, Lauren Hill, Cross Movement, and John Reuben
Fritzpw_admin  . o O ( John will be joining us a little later. )

What’s your next project?
TobyMac says The Christmas Song I’m working on.  Hopefully I’ll get it done by Christmas

How’s your family?
TobyMac says My family is great…Amanda just went to Jamaica for 4 days…Truett stayed with me.  It was…and enlightening experience.  I have total respect for all mothers.

When did you become a believer?
TobyMac says I became a Christian when I was 12…My mom was a believer but my dad was not.  So I don’t know if I would necessarily call it a Christian home.

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What instruments do you play?
TobyMac says I play the drum machine but write from a lyrical and melodic standpoint.

Have you ever considered doing any TV?
TobyMac says when I was a kid I loved the Bionic Man and was in love with the bionic woman.
Chatmaster says I’m bionic.

TobyMac says so we decided that they could rebuild me…and make me better than I was.  Better… stronger… faster

Do you ever post to your fan message boards?
TobyMac says I do post on my message board.  I’ve seen a few fake Toby Macs but I have a certain way of signing on and off…, which I can’t reveal at the current moment or I would have to take your life.
Fritzpw_admin gasps in astonishment.

Who would win in a fight between you, Tait, and Kevin?
TobyMac says You are starting trouble.  Everyone knows I can leap tall buildings… and crush Tennis Balls with my bare hands so…  you figure it out.  Oh yeah… and I can beat Cheetah’s in a race… so if I’m losing… I can outrun them.  And by the way…  white men CAN jump.

Why are there so few Asians working in the Christian music industry?
TobyMac says I can’t answer that…  but they are welcome into my world…  The Diverse City Crew.  Oh, I do know one Asian who plays for Switchfoot…he’s the Bomb.

How can Christian music reach the youth more effectively?
TobyMac says I think we have to extend outside the bubble.  Some are called to go there… some are called to the body… some are called to both.  All are led by God.

What do you think of the new Lauryn Hill record?  Any other new releases you think are worth listening to?
TobyMac says I respect Lauryn for making such a vulnerable record.  When she said her last one wasn’t her…I was upset because I loved it.  But I gotta give it to her…learning to play guitar and writing such expressive songs is definitely moving.  John Reuben’s “Hindsight” and I like Shreyl Crow’s record.

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Who is your favorite NBA team?
TobyMac says My fav NBA team is the Washington Wizards…that’s where I grew up.  I love basketball…I play a couple of nights a week…  A Gotee Full-Court HackFest.

Are you going to do any more solo albums?
TobyMac says We are each going to make another solo album before the next dc talk record.  We are enjoying it… we are actually drawing closer as friends… cheering each other on and I’m basking in hip-hop.

Which album is better… Kevin’s or Tait’s?
TobyMac says I will be a diplomat, it’s my nature…  Kevin’s record is a journey through the forest, Sherwood that is.  Tait’s record is “Pacific Coast Highway.”   Sometimes I’m in the mood for one…sometimes I’m in the mood for another.  Sorry so safe, but there have been internal wars for such questions.

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What are the best and worst parts about going on tour?
TobyMac says experiencing different people and cities…  seeing friends is the best.  The worst…  not having any kind of normality from the bed you sleep in to the coffee that you drink to not seeing my family everyday.

What sort of racial tensions exist in the Nashville area?
TobyMac says outright racism is not often displayed…even in the new south.  But subtle racism is definitely apparent.  I’ve been called “certain words” to my face by large white countrymen for hanging out with Tait.  A lady refused to hold my pastors hand when they went to pray because he is an African American.  Sad… but true.  Things are changing…but the pace is slow …down here in the south.

What are the strong and weak points of your album, Momentum?
TobyMac says Strong point…Tru-Dog…everyone’s favorite track. Weak points… Hmmm… Not enough Track ID’s.

Have you ever considered going into acting?
TobyMac says Didn’t you know I was Kirk Cameron earlier in life?  Growing Pains was a bear.  This much is true…. we both had Mullets.  Curlz to tha back.

What advice do you have for Christian artists who are thinking about going mainstream?
TobyMac says Go where you feel called to go…but don’t sign a Christian deal if you don’t feel you can edify the body.  For more detail on that question…Consult…  JOHN REUBEN!  He’s brains and brawn and he’s coming up next.

Fritzpw_admin says Do you have anything you would like to say in closing?
TobyMac says peace, love, happiness and to all…  Merry Christmas.  I’m off to the studio to finish my Christmas Track and I’m trying to get in the spirit.
TobyMac says go to http://TobyMac.com and http://Gotee.com
TobyMac says I’m out..>Toby

Fritzpw_admin says Thanks for joining us Toby.  Hey everyone let’s welcome John Reuben!

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How did you get into music?john reuben
John Reuben says I started writing poetry and getting into hip-hop between the 3rd & 6th grade.  Early high school I started doing open mike and that’s how I got started.

What was it like working with Forty Days Tempted?
John Reuben says It was fun, very fun.  Those guys are good friends of mine so it was like friends just hanging out.

What is closet to your heart as an artist?
John Reuben says Honesty.  My heart as an artist is to be honest.  Whatever God puts on my heart to write.

How did you come up with the beats on your record?
John Reuben says We made some of the stuff on a machine and computer.  I don’t how it’s all hooked up.

Why do you use your middle name instead of your last name?
John Reuben says, “Reuben has more bounce to it.”

Being from Columbus, do you root for Cincinnati or Cleveland sports teams?
John Reuben says, “My family was always divided.  I was always a Bengals fan.  Bengals had better helmets.”

I was just at your release party and I was wondering if you were planning on making another music video and what song it would be for?
John Reuben says, “We probably do one for Sound Man.”

John, I heard a rumor that you just got engaged… any truth to that?
John Reuben says, “Yes, it’s true.”

John, what is your pet peeve?
John Reuben says, “Arrogant people, I don’t like that.  People not looking out for one another, when coffee shops give you coffee that’s half an hour old.  I like fresh coffee.”

Hey John 🙂  What was the most challenging thing about  “Hindsight“?
John Reuben says, “I think I’d have to say…making an album from the heart.  Not just doing songs that will sell but doing songs God wants me to do.”

So John Reuben when did you start with the hip-hop scene, and who are your most influential artist, excluding Toby? LOL
John Reuben says, “I like so many different types of music that it’s hard to narrow it down.  Definitely old school hip hop was an influence.”
How did you get saved?
 John Reuben says, “When I was 16, I hit rock bottom.  I had nothing to turn to and then I turned to God.”
What were the best and worst parts about being on tour with your boss?

John Reuben says, “It was an unbelievable tour.  Worst part…  Toby has a way of humbly making you realize he’s right.  But he’s a great guy; I think the world of him.  Toby is more mature and I didn’t like that.  Haha!”
John, in real life, are you as carefree and fun loving as you seem through your music?
John Reuben says, “Pretty much what you hear in my music is a representation of who I am in real life.  The stage increases your energy.  It gives you the right to act as dumb as you want!”
What do you like to do in you free time, when not involved in music?
John Reuben says, “Drink coffee.  I also like to spend time with the kids at my church.”

Is there something you’d like us all to pray for John?
John Reuben says, “Yes please, just pray that I find the time to get along with God when I’m on the road.  Please pray for my marriage and my health…  I’ve also had some stomach problems.”

Fritzpw_admin says, “John, is there anything you would like to say in closing?”
John Reuben says, “Appreciate everyone hanging out with me!  Be honest to yourself and to God.  Stay slick!”

Fritzpw_Admin says, “Be sure to check out the websites for both John Reuben and TobyMac for concert and album info.

Chatmaster says Order John Reuben’s CD, Hindsight
Chatmaster says TobyMac’s Momentum is rolling through the stores.  Order your own copy tonight.  Just click here.


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