We at Crosswalk.com recognise the importance in being educated on issues that are of importance to the Church. One issue that has been raging lately is the one surrounding Zondervan’s new Bible, the Today’s New International Version or TNIV. We’ve had three Chat events addressing this issue. They were:

In an effort to inform the Christian Community we are launching our first ever moderated Forums discussion, the TNIV Feature Forum. (If you would like to be considered to be a participant please email fritz@crosswalk.com with tnivpart in the subject heading. Please include any qualifications you have regarding your credibility on this topic. The number of participants will be limited so please do not be offended if you are not selected.) In this discussion we’ll be asking selected participants questions and facilitating their discussion on the issue. If you have a question you would like us to consider asking please email it to fritz@crosswalk.com with tnivq in the subject heading.)

If you would like to discuss the responses by our participants we encourage and invite you to do so in the TNIV Open Forum.

The current participants are:

Supporting the TNIV

Francesca Crane who has her Masters Degree in Missions & Intercultural Studies and is a member of Christians for Biblical Equality.  Mrs. Crane has served as a missionary in Bolivia, South America and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic but is now in the United States and is co-writing a book on women in missions as well as a manual for cross-cultural ministry for the American Baptist Churches, USA.

Opposing the TNIV

Min. Jim Snapp II holds a Bachelor degree in Biblical Studies and Missions and ministers at Wayne Church of Christ. He also specializes in New Testament Textual Criticism, which is the analysis of variants in manuscripts and other textual evidence, and Apologetics.  He has written a TNIV review.  Min. Snapp has previously served as a missionary in Belize, Central America.

Goto the TNIV Feature Forum here…

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