Tim Tebow recently brought the closing message to the annual Jacksonville Pastor’s Conference, and he talked to pastors about finishing strong. From the story in the Florida Baptist Witness:

“Noting University of Florida Coach Urban Meyer had urged the team to finish strong during his junior year, Tebow said he reminded players gathered in the locker room at half time during the SEC National Championship game what a win would mean.

“Afterward, as the coach walked toward him, Tebow said he got emotional when Meyer gave him a hug and told him he loved him and was proud of him. ‘You finished strong,’ Tebow remembers Meyer telling him.

“‘When a father figure, a coach, gives you a command and asks you to do it, and you do it, and they tell you that they love you, that they’re proud of you, that you finished strong—it means the world to you and it meant the world to me,’ Tebow said. ‘You see, what Coach Meyer did for me that night it was so amazing. But my ultimate goal is when I get to Heaven, I want my heavenly Father to pull His headsets off of running this world and say to me, “Timmy, I just want you to know, I love you, I’m proud of you, you finished strong.”‘”

“Jesus Christ asked us to finish strong, Tebow said, reminding pastors that Jesus didn’t change, His identity didn’t change based on whether He was loved, praised, booed or beaten. ‘He was here to serve, and ultimately He came to finish strong.'”

Michael Duduit

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