In an issue of his Ministry Toolbox newsletter, Rick Warren talked about the importance of application preaching and shares his own application acrostic. Warren writes: “I ask 12 questions related to the text.

Is there an Attitude to adjust?
Is there a Promise to claim?
Is there a Priority to change?
Is there a Lesson to learn?
Is there an Issue to resolve?
Is there a Command to obey?
Is there an Activity to avoid or stop?
Is there a Truth to believe?
Is there an Idol to tear down? (That’s a big one.)
Is there an Offense to forgive?
Is there a New direction to take?
Is there a Sin to confess?

“Remember, for most people the sermon is the only pastoral care they ever get in their lives. They’re not going to get one-on-one time with you. What you give them in a message and how you help them with their problems ends up being pastoral care from the pulpit. That’s why it is so critical that you deal with the personal application.

“You also need to make a corporate application, where you deal with the implications of how the Bible relates to the church as a body. Fewer pastors do this. They’ll make the personal application, but they won’t make the corporate application to the church. If you want your church to grow, you must learn to do both at the same time. You need to make both personal application and corporate application in the same message.”

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