It’s Super Bowl week, one of the major American social events of the year. I vividly recall my pastoral service in a church, where I foolishly suggested adjusting the time of the evening service one Super Bowl night. My deacons let it be known church should not be changed for football! Of course, when game night came, those same deacons weren’t at church. They were at home, in front of the TV, eating chips and dip and watching the game.
This year’s game promises to be a dandy with two great teams and outstanding quarterbacks. The Wall Street Journal ran an article explaining that even if the weather is bad, both QBs—Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson—will be fine because they both have unusually large hands. Apparently big hands are now a requirement for top quarterbacks.

So if there were a Super Bowl of preaching, what do you suppose would be the key characteristic found among the top contenders? I’d have to guess a big mouth. Just as large hands help a quarterback with ball control in nasty weather, so a big mouth gets a preacher out of any number of difficult situations.

So have a great Sunday, enjoy the Super Bowl, and preach as if someone’s life depended on it—because it does.

Michael Duduit

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