Are you ready for Mother’s Day this Sunday? Preparing for this holiday is similar to Easter and Christmas in that you will hopefully have a wonderful turnout! Did you know that Mother’s Day is the third most attended service of the year? What a great opportunity to reach people for Christ and honor His name!

If you need some encouragement or potential directions on sermon ideas and media, then I want to provide you with some ideas that may help you out. In this article, you will find three great sermon ideas from our sister site, SermonSearch.comI’ll also include sermon slides to use for your worship backgrounds or sermon notes, as well as video illustrations to help accentuate your message this Sunday from our Preaching Media Store.


You Raise Me Up by Dave Gustavsen
This is a great sermon outline that focuses in on the exhortation Paul gives us in Ephesians 5:1 to be imitators of God. Dave gives us some great insight into how mothers help us to see the heart of God. This is a great choice to give you some guidance in your sermon prep.


Raising Eagles by Zach Terry
In this intriguing sermon, Zach shows us the examples of 3 mothers of characters in the Bible and gives us a bit of insight into their lives. This is a unique sermon that can help you as you craft your own for this Sunday.


Today Is Mother’s Day by Daniel Rodgers

In this challenging sermon, Daniel speaks to us concerning three integral aspects of mothers as displayed in the Scriptures: the recognition, the resourcefulness, and the responsibility of a mother. This is a powerful sermon that can help encourage you as your are preparing for Sunday.


Mother’s Instinct by Playback Media
Floral Gradient by Centerline New Media
Happy Mother’s Day by Hyper Pixels Media


 Magic Mom by Journey Box Media

Mother’s Day Gift by Centerline New Media

Mother’s Day “Jiggle Off” by Blue Ridge Community Church

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