Sara Groves knows that music is a universal language, and she is excited about the opportunity to speak it on her own terms, as a songwriter with a Christian worldview. “It’s amazing to me the doors music can open. You cannot say five words to someone, but you can talk to them about Christ and who He is…in the music,” she says. “I used to struggle with the fact that I don’t write as poetic as some people… I used to think good music was something you couldn’t understand, all these veiled literary references that the average person couldn’t decipher.”

But, she says, when it comes down to it, “My music is not so much about the poetry or the art, as it is about being understood….”

Don’t miss this chance to celebrate Sara’s latest release, All Right Here, when we Chat with her about her music and her writing. 

Monday, Aug. 26 at 9 p.m. ET in the Auditorium.  There will be door prizes!!!

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