Arguably one of the most daunting words in the dictionary. Our entire existence is built upon this one word yet, we often find ourselves struggling to sacrifice even the little things. In the Bible, we read about the story of Cain and Abel. As you know, Cain and Abel are both called to make sacrifices to God. “Unlike his brother Cain, Abel sacrificed his very best. Abel’s short life declares a pivotal message. Though he suffered a gruesome death at the hands of a jealous brother, his voice has lasted beyond the grave and his worship is forever recorded in the pages of sacred history. Abraham listened to Abel’s voice when he gave God his very best by obeying God’s command to tithe the first fruits of his produce. Hannah listened too when she gave God her firstborn son. God gave His very best. He offered Jesus, His only begotten Son. The sacrifice Jesus made was greater than Abel’s. Jesus willingly gave up His life. No one took it from Him as Cain took Abel’s life. Instead, Jesus was lead to His death like a lamb to slaughter. He gave His very best when He paid the highest price of all.” Part of why we struggle so much to sacrifice in our lives is due to sin and the gap it causes with God. Very little is asked of us, all we need to do is not sin. How do we do this? We can begin by giving up unnecessary things in our lives and surrendering at the foot of the Father. Instead of clinging on to what we desire and want we need to simply offer it all up. We should be asking ourselves, “Does Jesus want this for you?” Jesus has a close and intimate grasp on our lives. We need to acknowledge this, put aside our preferences, and choose Him. He suffered and died on the cross for us. God sent His one and only son to die for every single person’s sins on the cross and we decide to repay Him by sinning more? God has truly given us His very best, we need to give Him our very best too. It is quite simple in the end, we either disobey or we obey. Each and every day we should practice “dying daily” for God. This entails that we demonstrate more than what we are asked. We are called to constantly bare our cross and if it falls to keep picking it back up and sacrificing even more. Ultimately, we have the choice to sacrifice. Will you?


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