A Thoughtful Acceptance

I hope we’re seeing a resurgence in the embrace of reformed theology among African Americans. I hope the glorious doctrines of Scripture are spreading more widely, rapidly, and deeply among all of God’s people, in particular my kinsmen according to the flesh.

Throughout history, African Americans have not blindly or uncritically appropriated or adopted theology. There has been an interrogation of reformed theology with a concern for Christian ethics and witness.

Bringing Together Good Theology and Social Justice

What I think I’m seeing is the marriage of historical, orthodox, reformed theology with a centuries-long concern for justice, witness, and mercy. I think the two enrich each other. A big sovereign God who rules the universe has great joy and confidence in advancing the cause of righteousness, mercy, and justice. Mercy and justice have a way of adorning the gospel of our Lord.

Finding Faithful Elders and Deacons

An application-intensive approach to seeking out and developing qualified church leaders. Thoughtful analysis of key passages in Acts and 1 Timothy are balanced with practical action points in a contemporary context.

 I’m excited for the ways in which I see young men and women, Civil Rights era African Americans, in urban and suburban settings, and across hip-hop culture, laying hold of these truths and applying them in their context.

Article originally appeared on Crossway.org. Used with permission.

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