In an article for, Dave Stone writes: “To keep Christ at the center, we must remember why we do what we do. In the midst of the pressure of sermon prep, sometimes I have to pause and reflect on my calling. I often think back to a summer camp during my sophomore year of Bible college. I was lying atop a smelly bunk bed in the early morning hours when I scribbled this entry in my journal:

“‘I preached at campfire tonight—I didn’t get to run through it beforehand. I had notes in my Bible and a flashlight, but I didn’t end up using either. The Holy Spirit was in me, and I could feel Him. I preached with more power than I ever had before. In the background on a hill were three illuminated crosses that everyone could see. Five people came forward and made decisions. There is no doubt in my mind that I will preach the gospel until the day I die.’

“I wrote that [more than] 25 years ago, but nothing has changed. I still desire to preach the gospel until the day I die. It is a sense of calling that I can’t entirely explain. As Bob Shank says, ‘Career is what you’re paid for, but a calling is what you’re made for.’ Remembering God’s call helps us persevere in the pulpit, and it keeps Christ at the center.” (Click here to read the full article.)

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