Clare_Host says, Good evening everyone! Welcome to and our live chat with Rachael Lampa **CHEER**. We are ready for a great time tonight, and are glad that you could join us. Helping tonight with our event we have our super cool Entertainment_Editor. The lovely trio of Daisyhost, Stormyhost and Applehost are taking your questions. And in the auditorium tonight we have Bonlyn and Haloshost checking tickets and seeking Easter candy leftovers. Everyone give a warm welcome to Miss Rachael Lampa!!!
christianmusicfan asks, How have you grown musically and spiritually within the past year?
Rachael_Lampa says, I feel like the growth with God has to do with how He has showed himself to me through musically, lyrically & personally.
rlfan asks, Rachael, what should fans expect your new music video to be like? Will it be out on video or DVD?
Rachael_Lampa says, Just made the Savior’s Song video containing lots of dancers and a band. It’s very different from the Live for You video.
madchatter asks, Rachael, what is the most difficult challenge you face as a teen in the entertainment world?
Rachael_Lampa says, Mainly being away from family & friends so much. I’ve been blessed with wonderful managers, etc., but I still miss being at home.
rachaelfan2003 asks, have u taken choir? I’m guessing yes, if so how many years? I do know u had taken one year of voice lessons or something like that =)
Rachael_Lampa says, I was in choir since I was little until high school. I took 1 year of voice lessons when I was 11 yrs old, it was mostly breathing techniques.
mrbradford asks, Hey Rach! How did you come up with the name “MommaKnowsMusic” for your publishing company for your songs? =)
Rachael_Lampa says, When I was writing with the LaRues & Paige Lewis, we were joking around and I said that phrase and everyone was laughing and we decided to use since we had nothing else to call it!
t716 asks, You attend public schools. Do you think Christians have an irrational fear of public education?
Rachael_Lampa says, I stopped attending public school a year ago. It was challenging to be a public school, in a good way. I was able to see what people thought of Christians.
rachfan01 asks, Hey Rach! What’s one song off of Kaleidoscope that means the most to you– and why?
Rachael_Lampa says, A song called Brand New Life is important to me. It best represents where I am right now in my faith and my relationship with God. It really explains how I feel at this point in my life.
guest3 asks, have you ever meet Mariah Carey or any of your idols?
Rachael_Lampa says, I haven’t met Mariah Carey. There is a singer I look up–Amy Grant. I had a chance to tour with her last Christmas.
madchatter asks, Do you watch Survivor? If so whom do you think will be kicked off this week? Who do you think will win the game? What would be your luxury item?
Rachael_Lampa says, I haven’t been able to keep up with Survivor, but I wish I could. Maybe some day!
christianmusicfan asks, Do you have to do chores when you are home?
Rachael_Lampa says, You have no idea! I have to do vacuuming & hanging up/folding clothes – I hate these the most!
angelmuffin asks, Rachael, what was your influence to get you started into the music industry?
Rachael_Lampa says, My Mom has been a huge influence since I was born. She instilled that my singing was a gift and shouldn’t be taken lightly. My faith has inspired me a great deal to be where I am now.
rachfan01 asks, Any plans of future artists to tour with? Who would you like to tour with?
Rachael_Lampa says, This summer, I will be with the Summer Jam Tour. We’re in conversations about a fall tour. I always loved dc Talk, Switchfoot, Mary Mary…
guest3 asks, HI Rachael I am a big fan and I saw you two years ago when you were on the tour with Plus-One and Stacie Oricco at Sewell NJ, You are so pretty and you have an amazing voice, I wanted to know how many hours did it take you to prepare for your new CD, Kaleidoscope?
Rachael_Lampa says, It took about 6 months to do the whole record. We went to London for a week to record with the London Symphony Orchestra.
christianmusicfan asks, How is Kaleidoscope different from Live For You?
Rachael_Lampa says, Overall, it’s more representation of me. It’s more my style, more upbeat with a little edge. I also kept some ballads.

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t716 asks, Brent Bourgeois and Brown Bannister produce your CDs. How do those guys work together? Who does what?
Rachael_Lampa says, It’s a combination of talent. They are both involved musically & vocally.
christianmusicfan asks, How is your dad doing with his illness?
Rachael_Lampa says, He’s doing fine and we thank you for your prayers!
rachaelfan2003 asks, What is your favorite city to perform at?
Rachael_Lampa says, Favorite place is probably Rome, it was beautiful and an amazing experience.
rachfan01 asks, What’s your favorite fast food place?
Rachael_Lampa says, Wendy’s, definitely.
Clare_Host says, What is favorite thing to eat at Wendy’s?
Rachael_Lampa says, Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, fries and a frosty…you have to dip the fries into the frosty!
guest20 asks, Hey Rach You’re voice is soo awesome! What does it feel like being on stage in front of all those people?
Rachael_Lampa says, It’s always been a huge rush. I get excited every time before I take the stage. It’s great to share something a little deeper than the music with the Christian crowd.
bondservant asks, Rachel, My name is Melissa, I am 11 years old and have all your CDs. I was wondering if you will be coming to Connecticut any time soon, also where can I write to get an autograph? God Bless You and thank you for encouraging that even a young girl can be good witnesses for Christ
Rachael_Lampa says, If you go to there will be a place where you can write emails to me. I don’t know my schedule, but hopefully I’ll be near Connecticut!
Clare_Host watch for Chatmaster announcements with web site links for Rachael
christianmusicfan asks, Who has been the biggest influence in your walk with God?
Rachael_Lampa says, Definitely my parents, my whole family. They show in ways they might not even realize. They show me where true love comes from. They always encourage me and keep me accountable.
kaella asks, My question is from the motherly side…Do you feel your “Shakin’, shakin’, shakin’,” song leads to too much shakin’ because of the beat?
Rachael_Lampa says, Well, David danced… It’s better to dance to that than Bootylicious!
guest27 asks, Hey Rachael, did you like recording Live for You or Kaleidoscope better?
Rachael_Lampa says, Kaleidoscope— it’s going to get better every time…it was more of a personal experience for me.
rachaelfan2003 asks, What will your next single be?
Rachael_Lampa says, I’m pretty sure it’ll be a song called, “I’m All Yours”
Clare_Host says, How much say do you have in how things are released?
Rachael_Lampa says, They usually come up with ideas, and I’m able to approve or disapprove. I usually have a say in matters.
guitaranddrumchick4j asks, Hey Rach! wassup girlfriend? what is your usual day like?
Rachael_Lampa says, Right now, I’ve been attending school 3 hrs in the morning. Later I’ll come home and do some devotions. On the weekends, I am usually doing some shows, when I’m not on tour.
offdachain asks, what made you decide to sing?
Rachael_Lampa says, I can’t remember not singing as a kid. I prayed about it and God put me where He wanted me to be. When God puts something like that in your heart, you’ve got to go with it.
larryboyincarnate asks, Rachael, since much of the general population is not too familiar with Christian music, how often do people come up to you and ask for an autograph or say “hi.. I know who are”
Rachael_Lampa says, It always surprises me when it does happen. When going to a mall in the area where I’m doing a show, I sometimes get recognized. Otherwise I’m pretty safe.
buttafly asks, Hey Rach! How does your family put up with all this?
Rachael_Lampa says, They are so supportive. They have things they focus on in life, but we’re close and they pray for me and support me in everyway possible.

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guest43 asks, Where do you see the lord taking you a year from now?
Rachael_Lampa says, God is so unpredictable in the things He’s shown me so far. Hopefully I’ll be continuing doing what I do. I hope to be able to reach people.
guest51 asks, I’ve heard certain criticism from Bible scholars about some Contemporary Christian music being devoid or mistaken in a lot of theological points. Have you ever experienced this?
Rachael_Lampa says, So far, I haven’t heard anything. Whenever those things come up, you have to go back to where you are with God. I’m blessed to have people around me to keep me in the right place.
rlfan asks, Rachael, what advice would you give to someone pursuing his or her dream to become a Christian singer?
Rachael_Lampa says, First, you have to pray about it. If God doesn’t have your back, you could get in a lot of trouble. Perform and sing whenever you get a chance to, you never know who might be watching!
guest44 asks, do you plan on taking a vacation anytime soon, so you can spend time with your friends and be a “normal” teenager?
Rachael_Lampa says, I’ve had a lot of time off lately. I’ve been home during the week for school for now.
guest60 asks, Rachael How did you even come up with most of your songs?
Rachael_Lampa says, The writing situations were different. I’ve been with others where we were having a conversation and decided to write it into a song.
Clare_Host says, What song was it?
Rachael_Lampa says, For example, “I’m all Yours”
iluvrachael asks, When are u going to graduate?
Rachael_Lampa says, I’m graduating in the Spring of 2003 with my class.
Clare_Host says, Do you have any college plans
Rachael_Lampa says, Right now, we’re discussing college plans, but we haven’t made any decisions. There are definitely options.
joyfan1 asks, How long does it usually take you to record one song?
Rachael_Lampa says, Usually we’ll spend 1 day on a song.
guest13 asks, Who is the most amazing artist that you have met so far?
Rachael_Lampa says, I would still have to say Amy Grant. She makes me excited to be where I am right now. She’s one artist who has passed every expectation I’ve had.
guest36 asks, What was the best part of touring with Plus One and Stacie Orrico?
Rachael_Lampa says, Hanging out before the show with everyone. We would play football or run through the sprinklers. We were working but having a blast at the same time.
wileecoyote asks, What bible verse touches you the most?
Rachael_Lampa says, Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding…”
guest60 asks, how did you come up with your song “Day of Freedom?
Rachael_Lampa says, I didn’t write that one, but I had wanted to sing a song about unity among people, as well as among Christians.
guest94 asks, What CD is in your CD player right now?
Rachael_Lampa says, Right now I have Stevie Wonders Greatest Hits.
guest92 asks, are you going to be at G.M.A. this year ?
Rachael_Lampa says, Yes I am, and I’m really excited to see everybody.
guitaranddrumchick4j asks, I’ve heard that you are a charismatic catholic- what exactly does that mean?
Rachael_Lampa says, Yes, it’s true. It would take too long to explain though.
guest42 asks, Hey Rachael are you going to color your hair any time soon? Or get a tattoo?
Rachael_Lampa says, Definitely not gonna get a tatoo, that scares me! Not sure about coloring my hair, although I like to do different things with my hair.
guest41 asks, Would you do anything different now that you are established in the music industry?
Rachael_Lampa says, I want to continue to write, get into producing, work with other artists, etc.
guest44 asks, Do you want to put out a secular CD? If so , would you do pop?
Rachael_Lampa says, I wouldn’t close the doors on that option because God could take me in that direction.
wileecoyote asks, What has been the best part of singing Christian music?
Rachael_Lampa says, Being able to take a gift and share it and show everyone what makes me happy.
guest78 asks, do you ever wish your calling was something else?
Rachael_Lampa says, Because of the passion for music from God, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I’m completely happy where I am.
guest36 asks, What is your most embarrassing moment in a concert?
Rachael_Lampa says, In Rome, I was on an adrenaline rush, there were 40,000 people there and I tumbled on the stairs on the side of the stage. Probably only 20,000 people saw me!

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guest20 asks, Where do you get all of your clothes for the concert?
Rachael_Lampa says, From all over the place. I try to go to vintage stores or thrift stores so I can go for something no one else would have.
larryboyincarnate asks, I know Stacie Orrico is one of your best friends, are you really close to any other CCM artists?
Rachael_Lampa says, The Plus One guys have been good friends for a long time. I’m also close with Rebecca St. James and Joy Williams. I’ve made lots of friends while on tour.
guest114 asks, How do you feel about the ‘crisis’ in the Catholic church? I heard that you’re Catholic…
Rachael_Lampa says, It’s something we need to pray about, pray for the victims and the priests. It’s a hard time, we have to remember they’re dealing with a lot between them & God. We need to not be judgmental or critical of them.
joyfan1 asks, What are your favorite movies?
Rachael_Lampa says, I love Dumb & Dumber and Tommy Boy. Gladiator and Braveheart are good movies. Ever After is a good chick flick.
imallforgod asks, Do you respond to emails sent to you? do you read most of them?
Rachael_Lampa says, I’ve read every email that has come to me. It may take a while to get back to them, but I do send a response. It depends on what I’ve got going on at the moment.
guest101 asks, Did you ever think you would become this big in the music industry?
Rachael_Lampa says, Everything has been a big surprise for me. It’s been totally exciting. I’ve got a long way to go and I feel God has a lot more in store for me. I don’t want to think about it too much, so it won’t go to my head.
guest20 asks, Are you already working on your 3rd CD?!?!
Rachael_Lampa says, I’ve had a lot of writing ideas lately, but we haven’t started talking about the 3rd album yet.
iluvrachael asks, Will you be going on Jay Leno soon
Rachael_Lampa says, No definite date to appear, but I hope to be on soon.
joyfan1 asks, Do you ever get tired of singing the same songs night after night?
Rachael_Lampa says, The songs can get old, I can’t count how many times I’ve sang Blessed. But you can be praying a prayer, not just singing a song, which goes to show how awesome the Christian scene is.
divingin asks, Rachel, what type of things could we fans pray about for you?
Rachael_Lampa says, Please keep my family and me in your prayers. It’s difficult to be away from each other because we’re so close. We want God to be the glue that keeps us together.
guest112 asks, Rachael, if you had the chance to work on a cooperative music album, who would you want to perform with and why?
Rachael_Lampa says, I’ve always loved Stevie Wonder. I’d love to collaborate with him and hear his stories. His songs have meant a lot to me.
Clare_Host says, Rachael…it has been a blast having you here
Clare_Host says, what parting words of wisdom…or nonsense do you have to share with us?
Rachael_Lampa says, First of all, thanks to everyone for praying for me. It’s been a blast getting to know the fans. Please continue to look for God to show you where He wants you to be. I hope to see you all at a concert. I’ll be praying for you all tonight. Take care and God Bless!
Clare_Host says, I want to thank all of you for joining us this evening. We hope you have had as much fun as we did! Don’t forget to mark you calendars with our next event when we will host a chat with Dr. Strauss, to discuss about the TNIV, a new bible translation. April 9th 9PM ET. GODSPEED!

Chatmaster shouts, Add to your music collection with Rachael Lampa’s newest release Kaleidoscope.”

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