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“Too many Christians think they are prosecuting attorneys or judges when, in reality, God has called all of us to be witnesses.”

(Warren Wiersbe)

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    Vol. 6, No. 36 October 16, 2007    

Michael Duduit

Are you carrying around a spirit of unforgiveness – toward some church member who acted with malice toward you, some group that makes your life miserable, maybe even a church that left a scar on your spirit. Here is what A.R. Bernard says in his new book Happiness Is . . . :

“It’s a fact: If you can’t forgive, you’re not free . . . and you’re not happy. Are you mired in the quicksand of bitterness or regret? Is so, you are not only disobeying God’s Word, you are also wasting your time.

Being imperfect human beings, most of us are quick to anger, quick to blame, slow to forgive, and even slower to forget. Yet as Christians, we are commanded to forgive others, just as we, too have been forgiven.

If there exists even one person – alive or dead – against whom you hold bitter feelings, it’s time to forgive. Or if you are angry with yourself for some past mistake or shortcoming, it’s finally time to forgive yourself and move on. Hatred, bitterness, and regret are not part of God’s plan for your life.”  (