This Sunday is the most significant day of the year for most churches. If your church is at all typical, then Easter Sunday will be the largest attendance you see all year. Those counts will include a number of people who won’t make another appearance inside a church for the next year, so this is their one opportunity to hear the gospel presented clearly and passionately.

In an article at his excellent Biblical Preaching website, Peter Mead reminds us of the importance of proclaiming the meaning of Christ’s resurrection. He says:

“Before preaching the resurrection this Sunday, check your text for the implications that are present. For instance, in 1 Corinthians 15, we read that His resurrection gives us hope of our own (vv. 16-20), the fear of death is removed (vv. 26, 54-57), there are ethical implications (vv. 32-34), motivation for ministry (v. 58), and prompting to practical help for the poor (v. 16:1, note Gal. 2:7-10).

“Let’s preach the truth of the resurrection, let’s even allow our excitement to show; but let’s also try to be specifically clear in presenting the implications. It is easy in our excitement about the event to fall short in our relevance and application. Truly, everything is changed because Jesus rose from the dead. Part of our task is to help people see how that is true.” [Read the full article here.]

May you and your church be blessed by the proclamation of the greatest news ever heard: Christ is risen!
Michael Duduit
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