In the book Marriage in the New Ministry Culture (B&H Publishing), Tony Merida provides a chapter about "Preaching on Marriage Today." One key to effectively preaching on marriage issues, he asserts, is to “Explain what marriage is and is not. Many conservative preachers firmly rooted in the biblical worldview are known more for what they are against than for what they value.

“Scripture is filled with texts on marriage. We must explain carefully all the contours of the one-flesh union between husband and wife, not a caricature of it. It’s possible some people are reacting negatively to a traditional marriage because they have not been taught a clear perspective of what the Bible actually says about it. Do not allow a negative spin or a one-dimensional perspective to be the only message your followers hear about marriage.

“Those who only see the traditional Christian view of marriage through political commercials or from one-time visits to churches where pastors speak disrespectfully and dismissively toward outsiders naturally will oppose the concept. Those with serious questions need to hear the biblical view of marriage from loving pastors who faithfully and graciously provide substantive answers, giving people a well-informed view of covenant marriage.”

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