In a recent post, Jonathan Storment shares some insights on preaching that emerged from a panel discussion among Church of Christ leaders. Among the comments:

Never speak for God unless you’ve spoken to Him. Every preacher acknowledges there is something like an “ah-ha!” moment in preaching when he or she gets a word that wasn’t there before, and didn’t come from them. No matter the tradition, I’ve never met a preacher who didn’t experience this mysterious moment of preaching. In fact, I think it’s why most preachers believe preaching is so important. They sense a partnership with God each week.

Think through ways this text or topic intersects with your own life. The church didn’t call you just to share an idea; that church called you to share some of yourself…your own vulnerabilities and stories. Think through personal moments in your life when you have succeeded or failed in doing what you are talking about.

Listen to other preachers and teachers. Most of the preachers admitted to having help in finding their voice along the way, and much of that came from listening to other preachers. Some of the best ideas come from listening to the other creative approaches other ministers are using to approach the Scriptures. (Click here to read the fill list.)

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