During a recent preaching conference at Southern Seminary in Louisville, Ky., Robert Smith (of Beeson Divinity School) said preachers serve as exegetical escorts for their congregations by presenting God’s Word in an understandable way.

“The exegetical escort is an individual who serves in the Lord’s service by taking this Word of God and exegeting it, expounding upon it, dissecting it and saying what it says,” Smith said. “The exegetical escort is designed to embrace the text of Scripture in order to usher the hearers into the presence of God for the purpose of transformation.”

Preaching always will elicit a response, Smith said, noting the gospel herald can expect one of two responses.

“God’s Word will not go out and come back void; it will accomplish that for which it was sent. Sometimes people will respond in rebellion and sometimes in reception. The Word will draw people or it will drive people away.” (Baptist Press, 4-26-06. Click here to read the full article.)

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