In a recent article for, James MacDonald, a contributing editor of Preaching magazine, tells us that our preaching reflects the person we really are. He writes: “The greatest compliment anyone could give you about your preaching ministry is that the way you preach is the way you are in real life. The key word is authenticity. The preaching of truth is communicated through an individual’s personality. Naturally, it’s going to come out differently from each of us.

“Be who you are in the pulpit. Don’t act bigger than you do in normal life. Don’t talk or play a part you think others expect. Don’t copycat your favorite pastor or seminary professor. God loves how He made you and believe it or not, you’re perfectly suited for the message that He wants you to proclaim.

“Yes, you can work on clarity and conviction. You definitely should strive to improve anything that could cloud your communication. Just keep it authentic. Martin Lloyd-Jones masterfully said: ‘Preaching is a truth coming through a man on fire.’ Your preaching must be a true expression of the man God has made (and is making) you to be.” (Click here to read the full article.)

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