William E. Sangster: In the Wake of the Wesleys

At the heart of London is Wesminster, with the houses of Parliament and four commanding churches: Wesminster Abbey, the national church (Anglican); Westminster Cathedral (Roman Catholic); Westminster Chapel (Congregational); and Westminster Central Hall (Methodist), across from the Abbey. The latter has been a great preaching palace; and in his 24 years as pastor, Dinsdale T. Young, a preacher of redemption and an evangelist, filled its 3,000 seats with the largest audiences in London (Oswald Chambers was his protege). He died in 1938; and the next year, William E. Sangster was appointed pastor.

James S. Stewart

James Stuart Stewart was selected as the greatest preacher of the twentieth century by Preaching Magazine in a poll of its readers and contributing editors shortly before the new millennium began.

Henry Allan Ironside: Expositor of the Word

My introduction to the expositions of H. A. Ironside (1876-1951) came in my 17th summer. Working in Texas and Arkansas away from family and friends, I spent considerable time reading. One afternoon I visited a Christian bookstore and selected Ironside's Expositions in Joshua...

Stephen F. Olford: Expositor Of The Word

Stephen F. Olford went to be with the Lord on August 29, 2004. His life and ministry touched countless people from the pulpit to the pew. He was known for his passionate and powerful expository preaching. His friends and colleagues affectionately called him "Prince of Preachers." On

Past Masters: P.T. Forsyth

In his classic recommendations for seminary curriculum, B.B. Warfield of old Princeton called for "scholar-saints" in our pulpits today. Few have better embodied that ideal than Peter Taylor Forsyth (1848-1921). Born and raised in Scotland, he served five English congregations and th

Past Masters: Alexander Maclaren

When Alexander Maclaren entered the study in his home at 9 every morning to take up his sermon preparation, he would kick off his slippers and put on heavy outdoor work boots as a reminder to himself of the hard work he was about to do. It was this work ethic - coupled with his deep devotion to

Francis Of Assisi

Birdfeeders, lush gardens, and ancient cathedrals are the contexts that most of us associate with Francis of Assisi. If anything more of substance occurs to us regarding Francis is might be his association with animals, though he was not a veterinary, or his popularity as a spiritual all star in