I’ve learned an important lesson: never, ever, ever tell your wife that you’re never moving again.
When we moved into our Louisville home three years ago, I assured my wife that the only way she’d get me out would be in a wheelchair. I’ll admit that the last three years have seen a bit more gray on top (and a little less of everything else up there), but I’m hardly ready to move to the retirement center quite yet. (With a three-month old son in the house, I’m more likely to be visiting nursery schools than nursing homes.)
Instead, God has opened a new door for us. (You’d think a baby at age 41 would be enough new for one year, but God does have a sense of humor.) As of this summer, I am assuming the role of Executive Vice President at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee; I’ll also be a member of the Union faculty, teaching preaching and other courses.
All that means Preaching will be hitting the road again, moving to Jackson with us and entering a new phase of its development. In addition to a new location and a new office, the move will mean the addition of our first editorial staff member: Mark Johnson. Mark holds a Ph.D. in Christian Preaching and was pastor of a Baptist church in Evansville, Indiana until joining us on July 1. (You may remember his article on P.T. Forsyth in the May-June 1996 issue of Preaching. Mark hopes you remember.)
We’ve had staff members in the past, but they’ve always worked in the areas of circulation and business management. Mark is our first editorial staffer — and boy, am I glad to see him arrive! So are the people who submitted sermons in 1993 and are still waiting to hear from us!
Preaching has reached a stage where an additional editorial hand has become essential. Every week we receive dozens of sermon and article submissions to be reviewed, scores of letters and e-mail contacts. We’re thankful for the interest; it’s another indication that Preaching occupies a key place of service in the church. But Mark will help carry that growing load, and for that I am deeply grateful.
In addition to Mark, our Jackson staff will also include Craig Clayton, who will serve as circulation director and office manager. Craig is a graduate of Union University and will eventually be heading to seminary. But for the next few years, we’ll give him the kind of education that he’ll never get at a seminary or divinity school.
As we prepare to make this move, it is appropriate to thank those who have played such an important role in the Preaching family during our years in Louisville. Our office staff has included Wanda Lynch, Lanese Dockery and Virginia Walker — three gracious Christian servants who have seen their work as a ministry to pastors. We’ve been blessed with additional great workers like Rachel Niemann and Rebekah Jenks, who have kept us up and running during our final weeks in Louisville. Bert Fersner was an answer to prayer — a CPA who came to seminary and managed our books in a stellar fashion while a student. (He graduates next year, and any church looking for a Minister to Singles will be fortunate to nab him!)
A new area of our ministry has been our Internet site (https://www.preaching.com). Wayne Jenks — also a seminarian — has been our Webmaster, and he’ll continue in that role even after our move. One of the great things about the Net is that you can do it from just about anywhere — even Louisville!
My most valued associate — my wife, Laura — has graciously agreed to move to Jackson, although she’s looking forward to a little less responsibility for the office. Our new son, James Robert, has already selected his penthouse office and anticipates becoming a Senior Vice President in the near future (provided that the job includes a mandatory nap break).
So when next you hear from us (with the September-October issue), we’ll be writing you from Jackson, TN — located on Interstate 40 between Memphis and Nashville, and home of some of the best barbeque to be found anywhere. And now you know the real reason we’re moving!
Note our new address:
PO Box 369 – Jackson, TN 38302-0369
and our phone: (901) 668-9948
or call toll free (the same number): 1-800-288-WORD

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About The Author

Michael Duduit is the founding publisher and editor of Preaching magazine. He is also the founding Dean of the new College of Christian Studies and Professor of Christian Ministry at Anderson University in Anderson, South Carolina. Michael is author and editor of several books, including the Handbook of Contemporary Preaching (Broadman & Holman Press), Joy in Ministry (Baker Books), Preaching With Power (Baker) and Communicate With Power (Baker). From 1996 until 2000 he served as editor of the Abingdon Preaching Annual series. His email newsletter, PreachingNow, is read each week by more than 40,000 pastors and church leaders in the U.S. and around the world. He is founder and director of the National Conference on Preaching and the International Congress on Preaching, which has been held in 1997 at Westminster Chapel in London, 2002 at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and 2007at Cambridge. He has been a pastor and associate pastor, has served a number of churches as interim pastor, and speaks regularly for churches, colleges and conferences.

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