~The NCAA always has had a precise means to determine a national champion in college football.
~The announcement of someone being the first woman to hold a position only has impressed their parents.
~Charlton Heston is recognized for waving a rifle over his head as much as for waving his staff over the Red Sea.
~Color photos always have adorned the front page of The New York Times.
~Cell phones have become so ubiquitous in class that teachers don’t know which students are using them to take notes and which ones are planning a party.
~The Airport in Washington, D.C., always has been Reagan National Airport.
~Their parents have gone from encouraging them to use the Internet to begging them to get off of it.
~If you say, “Around the turn of the century,” they may well ask you, “Which one?”
~They avidly have joined Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione as they built their reading skills through all seven volumes.
~When they were born, cell phone usage was so expensive that families only used their large phones, usually in cars, for emergencies.
~The therapeutic use of marijuana always has been legal in a growing number of American states.
~The eyes of Texas never have looked upon The Houston Oilers.
~Teachers always have had to insist that term papers employ sources in addition to those found online. (Copyright© 2015 Beloit College)
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