One of my favorite emails each day is called “Today I Found Out,” in which I often learn fascinating stuff I didn’t know before. The other day, it dealt with the miracle that is the ballpoint pen:

“Few people realize just how much technology, craftsmanship and effort goes into creating a single pen—probably because you can buy 30 of them for a few dollars, only to have them all disappear mysteriously within a week.

“As the name would suggest, ballpoint pens work by utilizing tiny metal ball bearings. In the case of the most famous ballpoint pen brand, Bic, the ball is commonly made from tungsten carbide, which is notably the same material often used to make armor-piercing bullets. After the material has been shaped, it’s then highly polished in a machine that uses a paste made from diamonds. Yes, we’re still talking about those pens banks give away for free, three of which you’ve lost already today.

“The polished ball then is loaded into a socket. Due to the fact the space available between these two parts is supposed to be virtually (but not quite) nil, they need to be accurate to within a thousandth of a centimeter on the ball. If any flaws whatsoever are discovered in the ball bearings during production, it’s not uncommon for thousands of others of these balls that were created alongside the flawed one to be destroyed, as well. In fact, to see any imperfections on a ballpoint pen’s ball bearing that makes it to market, you need an electron microscope.” (You can subscribe at

All that is to say that something very small can be very useful, but even small things require great care if they are to be done correctly.

So, how might that apply to your ministry this week? What small thing can become useful for the kingdom in your church?

Michael Duduit

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