In this new phase of my ministry and life, I am able to spend a bit more time listening to someone else preach sermons on Sunday. On those special occasions when I am in town, my wife and I sit in the pew and listen to the message of our pastor, Mike Glenn, at Brentwood Baptist Church.

When Mike began to read the biblical text for his sermon recently, I did not turn the page to the scriptural passage. Well, I didn’t turn the page in a paper Bible. But I did push a button and the electronic version appeared magically on the screen in my hands.

I had the new Amazon Kindle in church. In less than 60 seconds, one can download books, magazines, newspapers or blogs. The device weighs just over 10 ounces and the screen is as clear as the page of a paper book. The first book I downloaded was the Bible, the Holman Christian Standard Bible translation, of course.

My wife, Nellie Jo, was somewhat concerned that I might push other buttons and read the Wall Street Journal or the latest biography of Benjamin Franklin during the sermon. I assured her that Pastor Mike and his message would have my complete attention. I was never tempted to wander from the sermon or the text.

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