In a recent article for, Charlotte pastor Steven Furtick argues that most churches “say they want to reach people, but in reality they’re more focused on preservation than expansion, on keeping people rather than reaching them. They let saved people dictate style, saved people dictate focus, saved people dictate vision.

“The result is a room full of saved people, not people getting saved. Why? Because the people you’re trying to reach aren’t interested in the church that has been created by the people you’re trying to keep. If they were, they’d be coming; but they’re not.

“For some reason, right here is where people usually play the discipleship card. They’re trying to disciple the people they’re trying to keep. They accuse you of pitting evangelism against discipleship.

“But that isn’t the case. I just believe true disciples should care more about making disciples than freeze-framing the church the way it was when they became one, or wanting 26 programs customized to their liking. If the mark of Christian maturity is a bunch of people who want to create a museum glorifying and preserving their personal preferences and then sanctify it by calling it a church, count me out.

“Some people say, ‘Why can’t we have both?’ You can. Focus on the people you want to reach, and you’ll keep the people you want to keep. Let the rest walk. They’ll find a church elsewhere to graze.” (Click here to read the full article.)

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