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christianrockchick86 asks, First off, I’m like your biggest fan and I met you at Carowinds and I even had a picture made with you and Rob!! Anyways, I was wondering why you made the decision to leave Sonicflood and if you have any regrets at all?
Jeff_Deyo says, Actually it wasn’t my choice to leave. There were some disagreements within the band. The other band members decided they wanted to carry on without me. I didn’t want to stop doing what I was doing with Sonicflood but by God’s grace I was able to put together a new band and record a new CD… That’s where I am now.
madchatter asks, I love your new CD, Saturate. What’s are the biggest differences between being on your own and singing with Sonicflood?

Jeff_Deyo says, The original Sonicflood band members and myself were kinda caught off guard with the success of our first album so we weren’t sure how to respond. Since that time the new band and myself have learned so much about worship that it seems to come more natural now than it did with Sonicflood. Not everyone in the original Sonicflood wanted to continue as worship leaders in a worship band. But everyone in this new band, including myself, realized we were born to do this.

guest712 asks, What is your Favorite worship song?
Jeff_Deyo says, “I want to know you (in the secret)” and “Heart of Worship.”
profransom asks, Any chance we’ll see a “live” recording CD within the next year or so?
Jeff_Deyo says, In my recording contract with Gotee Records we have included the chance of recording at least one live worship album in the next 3-5 years. The next CD we record probably won’t be live but maybe the 3rd one will be.
kstraith asks, Other than the obvious answer of “God”…what keeps you on the road? How do you stay sane playing over 100 concerts a year? How do you stay fresh and excited?
Jeff_Deyo says, There’s only one way I can stay fresh and that way is by spending time every day alone with God. The way I think of it is that I am digging a well while I’m in my time with God. Unless I’ve had that time I have nothing to draw from when I am on the stage. If the well is empty because I haven’t spent time with God then I end up being fake and not real. So I’ve got to stay in God’s presence to be fresh.
ezrihost asks, Mr. Deyo, What is your definition of revival and what do you think is the one thing that keeps us from truly experiencing revival 24/7/365?
Jeff_Deyo says, To me revival is real transformation and complete utter surrender to God. Whether this is personal or corporate, the thing that keeps us from experiencing it is the constant pull of our sinful nature towards the things of this world.

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Chatmaster shouts, Where can you get concert information as well as other Jeff Deyo news? Why Jeff’s website of course…
Chatmaster shouts, Get the latest in music news, movie reviews and other entertainment information. Go to’s Entertainment Channel.
lrr00 asks, How long have you been a Christian?
Jeff_Deyo says, I received Christ when I was 4 years old. I knelt down beside my bed with my father and asked forgiveness of my sins and asked Jesus into my life.
kstraith asks, What is a typical Jeff Deyo concert like? I saw SonicFlood three years ago (Spring of 1999)…so would coming to a show now be much the same, much different…or a combination of new and old? I’m assuming you still have the right to perform the music you wrote?
Jeff_Deyo says, If you came to one of our concerts it would be a combination of the original Sonicflood songs and sound as well as the new record Saturate. We would still do some of the great songs on the Sonicflood CDs, and yes I do have the rights to perform any and all of those songs. Being at one of our concerts would be a complete and total worship experience… It’s all about Jesus.
vikkidancer asks, How hard was it getting another band together? Would you say God was in it so getting the members was easier?
Jeff_Deyo says, Getting the new band together was a total miracle. It was only 2 months after I wasn’t a part of Sonicflood that I had all the new band members with me. Since I only knew one of them while I was with Sonicflood I consider it God’s hand that we are currently together. I’ve been with this new band longer than I was with the original Sonicflood… Almost 2 years.
lrr00 asks, Dear Jeff Deyo…hey I want to thank you for your uplifting music. I thank Jesus for the Awesome anointing that flows whenever I am listening to your music. You are very gifted…well I just wanted to ask you…What is your favorite Bible verse and why??
Jeff_Deyo says, My favorite Bible verse is Zephaniah 3:17
Biblebot says, Zephaniah 3:17 The Lord your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”
Jeff_Deyo says, My favorite part is the last part where it tells us that God rejoices over us with singing because I never knew that God sang.
ezrihost asks, I saw WorshipCityMinistries on one of the websites. What exactly is WorshipCityMinistries?
Jeff_Deyo says, WorshipCityPraise is a monthly worship and prayer gathering that I have been hosting for about 2 and a half years in my hometown of Nashville, TN.
bbbco asks, What do you feel the CD will accomplish?
Jeff_Deyo says, My hearts desire is that the new CD will draw people closer to the Lord. Whether they’ve been a Christian for many years or never received Christ, my hope is that they will surrender themselves more deeply with the help of my CD.
kstraith asks, After the breakup of Sonicflood, listening to your spoken hidden track at the end of that album…about how this experience had changed your life and strengthened your marriage and “if all this goes tomorrow, Praise God”…hearing that was very haunting. Did you have a sense when you were in studio that this was going to a short-term section of your life?
Jeff_Deyo says, Actually our keyboardist, Jason Halbert, said that. Because everything happened so fast we never really knew where Sonicflood was headed. I don’t think we knew that it was going to be so short lived but I do think we knew it was going to change our lives forever.
madchatter asks, Have the members of the current “Sonicflood” been in touch since Saturate came out?
Jeff_Deyo says, I have seen a couple of the original members at different events but have not been contacted by them since the release of Saturate.
poetscry asks, With all your traveling, do you ever have a hard time staying in focus with God?
Jeff_Deyo says, Sometimes I do struggle with knowing that God is real and knowing that God is there. But when I look deep in my heart and I continue to read the Word of God I know by faith that He is who He says He is. I believe despite my feelings.
st012my1 asks, Hi Jeff! I just wanted say that you’ve been a huge inspiration and encouragement. I’ve been so touched and blessed w/ Saturate, I was wondering if you were working on another CD?
Jeff_Deyo says, I’ve gotten together with a couple of the new band members and have begun to write some new songs for a new CD. We haven’t officially started the planning process yet but we’ll probably go into the studio the beginning of 2003.
madchatter asks, Do you have any plans for a tour to support “Saturate?”
Jeff_Deyo says, We will be doing concerts across the country this summer and are planning on doing a fall tour with Salvaldor and LuRue. We are supposed to hit 30 cities across the country. You can keep posted by going to for all the scheduling info.
Jeff_Deyo smiles

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kstraith asks, Do you own a copy of “Resonate”? Do you have any thoughts?
Jeff_Deyo says, I don’t have a copy of Resonate but I have heard some of the songs.
soulmate777 asks, Do we learn compassion through suffering viewed in love????????????
Jeff_Deyo says, I think we learn a lot of things through suffering, things we could not learn without the discomfort and pain of daily life. I think compassion is one of those things as well as patience. One of the most important things is that we learn better how to identify with Christ and the great suffering He bore on the Cross.
mookie1 asks, I love the pop/rock sound on Saturate. Is this your preference also?
Jeff_Deyo says, I love the sound of the first Sonicflood CD and I think my new CD, Saturate, sounds similar in style and that sound is definitely my preference.
guest732 asks, Has staying pure in your position as a Christian artist been a struggle…if so, what do you do to combat that. I realize prayer and the Word are very important, but what else.
Jeff_Deyo says, Staying pure is a very important part of my life; it takes focus and dedication as well as planning ahead. Because of all the attention I get as a Christian artist I have to decide to not respond to some of the ungodly attention I might get. The biggest challenge is always the thoughts that we think and it really does take prayer and the Word of God and a daily worship time to keep a renewed mind.
lrr00 asks, Who has been your greatest influence musically??
Jeff_Deyo says, I grew up listening to pop radio when I was a kid. When I was in high school Michael W. Smith was my “idol.” Recently I’ve been influenced by Delirious.
jamesquen asks, How did you know God was calling you to be a lead worshiper?
Jeff_Deyo says, When I moved to Nashville 9 years ago I assumed I was to be a performance artist. It wasn’t until we began recording the Sonicflood CD and began doing worship concerts that I realized my true calling as a lead worshiper. I never understood why I wasn’t succeeding as a performance artist until I realized that I wouldn’t be truly in God’s will if I wasn’t leading worship.
profransom asks, “Many crowns” just blows me away every time I hear it, but I’m sometimes reluctant to play it for friends/parents/family because the refrain is very extreme musically, and some might mistake its passion for irreverence. How do you think people should cope with these issues?
Jeff_Deyo says, Sometimes people have a hard time hearing the heart behind music. They are simply listening to the instruments themselves as opposed to the heart and passion that is in the vocals and the music. When you know that someone has a hard time with this I would probably not want to cause him or her to stumble by letting him or her listen to music that you don’t think they would like.
southeren_gurl18 asks, Mr. Deyo, I’m pretty sure there has been some down times, when was a time you looked to God, and asked for a miracle?
Jeff_Deyo says, When I realized I was no longer a part of Sonicflood it felt like the bottom had dropped out of my life. Everything that I loved doing seemed like it was coming to an end. That time was very difficult and I struggled with where God was leading me. I still don’t understand all the changes that He has made in my life, but because I know that He is an awesome God I trust Him with my future.
kmcwhirter asks, Saturate is awesome!!! What is your favorite song from that CD, and why?
Jeff_Deyo says, I have several songs for different reasons but one of my favorites is Many Crowns. I feel like it is a modern hymn in that it is more theological yet stills a vertical cry to God. I think the passion in that song is intensely contagious.
NewsEditor says, Is there anything you’d like to say in closing, Jeff?
Jeff_Deyo says, I want to challenge all of you to have a daily time of worship and singing to God along with with your prayer and Bible study. I found that adding a time of worship made my prayer and Bible study come alive. Thanks a lot for chatting with me and I really look forward to worshiping with you out on the road. God bless!
Jeff_Deyo waves at everyone
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