Because we spend so much time in our own facilities, we often fail to recognize problem areas in our church buildings—problems that are glaringly obvious to the first-time visitor. In an article for Baptist Press, Diana Davis writes:

“Here’s a simple way to evaluate how guests see your church building. Take the 5-Spot Test. Stop at five specific places around your church site for five minutes and answer five questions.

—Spot No. 1: church parking lot. Just before worship, park in a guest space.
1) How easy is it to find a parking space?
2) From here, how enticing is the building’s appearance and landscape?
3) Is the parking lot well kept?
4) Is the church sign current and attractive?
5) Is the main entrance inviting?

—Spot No. 2: main church entrance. Walk inside at the most obvious entry.
1) Is the front door clean, attractive, well-maintained?
2) What’s your first impression? Consider décor, lighting, music.
3) Is the entry area perfectly clean?
4) Does signage direct guests to childcare, restrooms, worship center?
5) Are wall displays and printed materials attractive, positive, current?

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