For over 30 years the percentage of income that Christians give has been declining and many churchgoers giving records are blank.  But a small 90-page generosity book that is being ordered weekly by the thousands is helping to positively change many people’s giving perspectives and practices. 

The 40 Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life” was released last summer by pastor and generosity speaker and writer, Brian Kluth. Amazingly 200,000 copies were printed in the first year to keep up with ever-increasing orders from churches, denominations and non-profits nationwide.

Hundreds of churches are ordering copies for every family to inspire biblical generosity and increase giving.  Many denominations are working with Kluth to send a free copy to every church in America.

Some churches have reported giving increases of 10% to 50% in the months following the use of the booklet with their congregations.  

Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, ordered 4500 copies for their $35,000,000 campaign and said, “We researched every available resource we could find to inspire people’s generosity.  This booklet was the best thing we found anywhere.”

The unexpected success of a book on generosity has even caught the media’s attention. TV news stories with Kluth have been on NBC in Colorado. CBN did a live TV interview that was aired worldwide. The Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper ran a front page story in their weekend Life section.  Moody Radio’s 250-stations will conduct an interview with Kluth in September.  News about the book has appeared in The Christian Post (as a top story of the day), Google News, Yahoo News, MSNBC News, United Press International, REV! Magazine, Church Executive Magazine and many others.

The booklet includes 40 daily Bible readings, weekly projects and group questions to help people understand what the Bible teaches about finances and giving. “Years ago, I was in debt and had financial problems.  As I learned what the Bible teaches about money, God helped me completely turn around my finances and gave me the freedom to live generously. I am grateful that so many other people can benefit from things I have learned,” said Kluth.

Earlier this year Kluth was honored by the Christian Stewardship Association as the Outstanding Stewardship Educator of the year.

Kluth’s website and resources are highly ranked by all search engines on the subject of generosity and church giving.



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